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Sound Lifestyle Medicine is a virtual lifestyle medicine practice that takes a holistic, evidence-based approach to optimizing health and wellness. We offer a one-stop destination for all lifestyle health care, allowing our clients to access comprehensive service through one provider, rather than needing to schedule multiple visits with many different practitioners.
Dr. Jim Kosowicz and Dr. Mark Stephany

It was founded by Dr. Mark Stephany and Dr. Jim Kosowicz, board-certified internal medicine physicians, and ACLM-certified diplomats who have practiced hospital-based medicine for a combined 20 years.

In many cases, treatments often felt like putting a band-aid on a broken leg. While the symptoms may have subsided, the underlying problems remained… and even worsened.

We recognized that the missing piece of this puzzle was lifestyle. We expanded our medical expertise by becoming certified Diplomates in the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, giving us a unique breadth of knowledge and skills, and allowing us to offer our clients a deeper and more balanced perspective on health and wellness. Now, we help our clients experience the benefits of optimal health — and enjoy them for a lifetime!

Hospitals frequently treat the acute symptoms of chronic problems. Our goal as hospital doctors is to make those acute symptoms disappear, but we rarely are able to address the root cause of the chronic problems. During the decade that we spent working in hospitals, we kept seeing the same people return with the same medical issues, over and over again. Despite getting the best therapy available, their symptoms kept returning — and we knew that there was a missing piece that wasn’t being addressed. 

Dr. Mark Stephany
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Dr. Mark Stephany

The choice for me to lead a healthier life came down to two reasons. One, if I was going to tell my patients to eat better and exercise more, I’d better be practicing what I preach. And two, since I don’t have the best genetics when it comes to cardiovascular disease, I did not want to put my family through what I saw my parents and grandparents deal with as it related to their health and happiness. I choose to practice lifestyle medicine because it gives me the opportunity to make a world of difference in other people’s lives within the space of just a few sessions. Helping people in their time of need is a huge responsibility, but it comes with a lot of joy.

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Dr. Jim Kosowicz

Dr. Jim Kosowicz

While I was drawn to medicine by my love of science and my desire to help people, my journey down the path of lifestyle medicine in particular started with discussions of starting a family. My wife and I were starting a family later in life, so we wanted to do everything we could to live better longer. We also started to realize how our choices impact the world our children would inherit. By focusing on making healthier choices, we found a new level of living intentionally, instead of passively — and this was a game-changer! I’d love to help you understand the control that you have over your own health and wellness, so that you can enjoy the endless benefits of being a healthier you!


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